Fourth of Five Part Series: An Inside Look at the La Mirada City Council Candidates-Steve Keithly E-mail
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Written by La Mirada Kiwanis   

La Mirada~There are five candidates running for La Mirada City Council. The election is scheduled for March 5th. In the race is Councilwoman Pauline Deal who was appointed to replace Susan Tripp in the summer of 2011; Mayor Gabe Garcia, seeking a second four-year term; Planning Commissioner and businessman Steve Keithly; Paramount Unified Schools Administrator Randy Gray; and Newport Beach Police Officer Andrew Sarega.

The Kiwanis Club of La Mirada has invited all of the candidates to speak, at their weekly meeting, and all have accepted. We will provide a brief snippet and some insight to each of the candidate’s speeches.

The schedule is as follows: Andrew Sarega-January 23rd; Gabe Garcia-January 30th; Randy Gray-February 6th; Steve Keithly-February 13th; and Pauline Deal-February 20th.

The following is the first of a five-part series in which we hope to provide you a snippet and some insight into each of the candidate’s speeches. As of now, there has been no candidates forum scheduled for the community.

The Kiwanis Club of La Mirada and the La Mirada Blog are not political organizations. These reports are for informational purposes only and do not reflect the views or opinions of the Kiwanis Club of La Mirada or the La Mirada Blog Network.

Steve Keithly, the fourth of the five candidates for a position on the La Mirada City Council, was guest speaker this morning. He expressed pleasure at being invited to be here at Kiwanis in a city that welcomes the democratic election process.

Steve has been married to wife Kathy for 35 years, has 6 children – one final one in college at this time about ready to come off of the Keithly payroll! 5 others are married, and there are 5 grand children. Steve attended BYU and the family lived in Garden Grove before moving to La Mirada. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Keithly was called to serve in 2003 as Bishop in his LDS Church. Susan Tripp invited Steve to meet with her while she was serving as Mayor and the families became good friends.  His wife Kathy was invited to serve on Public Service Commission but, since he was Bishop at the time, he was unable to accept an appointment himself.

Later, he was a member of the city’s Community Service Foundation for a couple of years, a number of task forces in 2007 and 2012, and currently serves as vice-chairman of the Planning Commission. As a member of a Financial Task Force he deemed it prudent to recommend the raising of the sales tax in the city as a means of strengthening the financial structure.

He is a partner in a successful business, Whittier Mailing Products that has quadrupled sales in 15 years. He knows how to make things work and has built up a staff of employees some of whom had excellent backgrounds from ‘higher power’ companies; he has virtually no turnovers.

KEITHLY: Wants the culture of the City of La Mirada to continue where people can raise their families in safety and in a well kept environment.  There are, however, a few issues that need much attention and, in his view, have taken far too long to resolve.

MORE: The Imperial corridor is an embarrassment with its aging 1940’s appearance and shopping centers in dire need of uplifts. Since there are no redevelopment monies available at this time, more pressure must be put on multiple owners to assist in this regard. He would have no problem with providing the ‘muscle’ to do this.  With a recession and 30% cut in revenues, the task is difficult.  Tom Robinson has managed the city well with budget and personnel cuts, but there is much more to accomplish. Fat has been cut and we are well into the muscle.  We have lost 20 key people in the system and there is no ‘farm club’ left. Keithly would like to be involved in the selection of a new City Manager upon Robinson’s retirement.

MORE: SPLASH! has been an excellent, very good entity in La Mirada.  Reports declare it profitable, but with the costs of maintenance and general expenses, we must be diligent in developing new ways to raise money to recoup any possible losses – perhaps corporate party planning, and the like. A good job has been done to maintain the theatre, also. There are possibilities to make this more profitable.

Steve Keithly believes he is the person to get the job done.  His is collegial in nature and “plays well with others”.  More can be found at He would be honored to serve.

In response to a question about what is left to try for redevelopment of the Imperial Corridor after it has already been discussed for 25 years, Keithly answered that it is not easy without redevelopment monies.  However, discussions with the many property and home owners need to be retried and the council may have to entertain ordinances to pressure them.  He believes he has the gloves-off approach in his skills’ set that works be valuable here.



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