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Wednesday, 03 June 2020 19:18

La Mirada~Anti-hate is the theme for a planned protest scheduled for Friday, June 5th at La Mirada Regional Park at noon.

Two of the organizers are Brittany Johnson and Christian Rodriguez-Paz of La Mirada.

“We are coming together to peacefully protest racism and police brutality/injustice for black people in America and tell the world, that their lives matter,” Johnson told the La Mirada Blog.

“George Floyd was a horrific occurrence that should not ever happen to anyone, but this public outcry and unrest comes from a long history of repeated offenses towards all people but especially those who are black. And although our city and our law enforcement are some of the good ones, it’s bigger than that and we have to come together and have conversations in order to promote change,” she said.

According to Johnson’s Facebook page organizers will be meeting up at the Adelfa Drive side of the park.

Numerous protests have erupted across the nation after a sickening video emerged of Floyd’s neck being kneeled on for eight minutes by the knee of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, apparently suffocating him to death.

“I just want to stand up for what’s right. For those who can’t stand up for themselves because they were killed.” said Rodriguez-Paz, “We’re focusing on making the protest anti-hate, meaning as desperately as we demand change, we’re going to encourage our city protestors to avoid posters with any profanity or anything that the media can take out of context.”

He continued, “Unlike other protests, by avoiding any expression of hatred or disappointment, we have towards the injustice of many black lives, we hope that the world can finally see that we’re protesting to fix our system. After many protests many people only focus on the violence or chaos and miss why people around the world are standing up to the government. We’re protesting against racism. We want equality and justice for all.”

In an advisory statement issued yesterday, the City of La Mirada said the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is “prepared to provide a safe environment and protect the First Amendment right of all people to protest peacefully.” Read the full statement here.

We are expecting a map with the route of a possible march that will take place. We will provide that information as soon as we are able to, if possible.

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