La Mirada Pack 815 Will Allow Girls to Become Cub Scouts Beginning January 1st Print
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Saturday, 02 December 2017 18:08

La Mirada~Many of you may have heard the news announced this past October;  Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is moving to a Family Scouting Program allowing girls to now become Cub Scouts.

Although this topic may still be considered a “hot button,” Cub Scout Pack 815 of La Mirada has stayed informed. Together, its leaders have made the decision to move to a Family Scouting Program as of January 1st, 2018.

“Family units are not the same as they were fifty or even twenty years ago,” Cubmaster Sandra Green shared. “When my oldest son started Cub Scouts about seven years ago, I noticed many of the leaders were women. His den leader was a busy working mom, the committee chair was a full time working mom and so many of the key roles to keep the pack going were filled by women.”

She continued, “Years ago, Cub Scouts was geared more towards a father-son program but now, it’s the norm to have moms, aunts, and grandmothers leading dens and packs.”

Green, herself, never thought the role of Cubmaster would be one she would take on one day, “We recently split from a larger pack to form a smaller family community group and I was nominated to take on the role.  It’s been daunting at times, but a welcome challenge and a wonderful opportunity to meet new families.  We’ve learned so much since we started this pack in August—just a few months ago.  Our families have been amazing and the amount of support for our pack has been tremendous.”

The decision to accept girls was made with careful consideration of the consequences including the fact some families may leave, wanting to be part of a program geared only towards boys.

“The news came out at 10 a.m. on October 11th by BSA to allow girls into Cub Scouting.  By noon, only two hours later, I had four non-scout families with daughters asking if our pack was going to accept girls and if so, they asked when their daughters could join,” said Green.

“It was a bit overwhelming because anyone who knows me is well aware of how opinionated I can be, but this was not the time for me to express my opinion but to just look at the facts.  The facts are I’m a Cub Scout leader.  How could we deny a girl wanting to be in the same role participation in the program itself?  It certainly wasn’t up to me to make the decision alone.  Our leader committee is incredible, with an Eagle Scout amongst our group.  It was a discussion we opened up with our leaders.”

She continued, “I can see why people would be hesitant to have their daughters be part of Cub Scouts when the option for girls has traditionally been Girl Scouts.  The funny thing is, I’m also a Girl Scout Troop leader and I see both groups as options to empower our girls.”

Green said sometimes change is good, “In the end, it’s really about having our children become good citizens and leaders of tomorrow.  Both organizations have so much to offer so why not give everyone an option?  Cub Scouts make important decisions from a young age.  Why not include everyone in those decisions and build critical thinking skills?  Girls deserve just as much a chance as boys.  I’m glad we get to be part of this initial year of this evolving program.”

Cub Scout Pack 815 is in its’ first year of charter and meets within La Mirada regularly. Scout activities include camping, hiking, racing model cars, going on field trips, and participating in projects that benefit the community. For more information on your child (grades K-5) joining this program, check out their Facebook page here or please feel free to contact Sandra Green at 562-310-3171.