NLMUSD Board President Hengler Voted Out of Office E-mail
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Wednesday, 06 November 2013 15:02

Norwalk~The evening started with seven candidates, including four incumbents, hoping to capture one of four opens seats on the Norwalk-La Mirada School District Board of Education- when it ended the president was voted out of office.

In what some would call an upset, board president Ed Hengler, 80, a retired educator and on the panel since 1997, was ousted Tuesday night by challenger Sean Reagan, 38, a teacher at Cal High in the Whittier High School Union District. Hengler finished in sixth place.

Incumbent Margarita Rios, 43, a police sergeant for the Los Angeles School District led all candidates with 2,128 votes and incumbent Darryl Adams, 52, a teacher, finished second with 1,965 votes.

Reagan was third with 1,758 votes and incumbent Ana Valencia, 46, a teacher, received 1,637 votes, rounding out the field of winners.

Challenger Salvador Limon, 26, a special education teacher received 1,460 votes finishing fifth, 177 votes shy of Valencia. Mark White, 53, a field technical engineer, placed seventh with 959 votes.

At one point during the night, it appeared another incumbent might be in trouble when Limon pulled within less than 100 votes of Valencia, but she was able to hold him at bay.

Leading up to the election, Hengler criticized Reagan for running for a spot when his own child doesn't even attend school in the district. Reagan lives in Norwalk and has stated child care convenience as the reason his child attends school in Cerritos and not in the NLMUSD.

Voter turnout was poor. The district area has a registered voter base of over 60,000 and there are 19,000+ students enrolled in the NLMUSD, yet it appears well under 10 percent of people turned out to vote.

Table courtesy County of Los Angeles Registrar Recorder

Seven File for Four Spots on Norwalk-La Mirada School Board E-mail
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Written by Tony Aiello   
Sunday, 15 September 2013 15:16

Norwalk-Three candidates will challenge incumbents for four available seats on the Norwalk-La Mirada Board of Education in the local and municipal elections on November 5th.

Incumbents Ana Valencia, Ed Hengler, Margarita Rios and Darryl Adams have all filed necessary papers for re-election.

The three challengers include Sean Reagan, Salvador Limon and Mark White.

Four of the seven have listed teacher as their main occupation. Hengler is a retired teacher and White lists Field Technical Engineer and Rios, a parent, as their occupations.

Final Unofficial La Mirada City Council Results E-mail
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Wednesday, 06 March 2013 19:41


Pauline Deal 1,903

Andrew Sarega 1,451

Steve Keithly 1,440

Gabe Garcia 980

Randy Gary 795

All Ballots to be Recounted in La Mirada City Council Race E-mail
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Written by Tony Aiello   
Wednesday, 06 March 2013 09:29

La Mirada~In a race too close to call, all ballots will be recounted in the La Mirada City Council race along with 326 additional ballots not yet counted.

There are five candidates running for two open seats.

When vote counting ended last night late, Pauline Deal led all candidates with 1,693 votes. For second place however, Steve Keithly leads Andrew Sarega by only nine votes, 1,300 to 1,291. There are still 326 provisional ballots to be counted today, so the race for second had to wait.

However, it was announced this morning, ALL ballots will be recounted today, before the provisional, due to mechanical issues experienced last night.

The recount will take place today at 2 p.m. at City Hall.

The ballot-counting was plagued with problems last night, forcing the city to use a back-up machine, delaying the process.

Deputy City Manager Anne Haraksin told us this morning that the firm they use, Martin & Chapman advised them to recount, “They told us that due to the race being so close it would be a good idea to run all ballots through a machine again.”

She said ballot operators provided by the company experienced problems throughout the evening.

Martin & Chapman is an election and consultation service company based in Anaheim. According to their website, they “are the primary election consultant and supplier for the 65+ cities who conduct their own elections in Los Angeles County.”

Today, the firm will bring two different machines to count the ballots.

Haraksin reiterated, “No candidates contacted us to demand a recount, we are strictly going by the advice given to us by Martin & Chapman.”

After a second machine was brought in last night, and some issues still persisted, Haraksin said, “We think it might be some sort of power problem.”  She said that issue will be resolved today as well before the recount.

In a different twist, the provisional ballots have not been counted at all yet, and will probably decide the race for second.

Those uncounted vote-by-mail (VBM) ballots will be tallied around 4 p.m. today, shortly after the recount.

173 of those are ballots received at city hall Monday after the city inspected the initial VBM ballots and sealed the box at a decided time, a normal process, said Haraksin. After the boxes were sealed, the city received additional ballots by residents at City Hall, as well as additional VBM ballots picked up from the P.O. Box at the Post Office, again, a normal process.

The remaining 153 VBM ballots are from residents who applied to vote-by-mail, who then decided to drop off their ballots at different polling locations throughout town.

Haraksin said the 173 additional VBM ballots received after the box-sealing is the most ever for the city, probably attributed to the fact that more La Mirada residents chose to vote by mail this time around.

She said 2,000 more people voted this way than the last election two years ago.

As of know, Mayor Gabe Garcia has captured 855 votes with Randy Gray grabbing 725.

UPDATE: Ballots not yet counted is now up to 391 with the addition of 63 additional true provisional ballots. City offiicials have been unable to get a machine to work properly at City Hall. The latest is all ballots from last night are to be counted by hand, and then the 391 additional VBM and provisional ballots will be counted immediately following.

La Mirada Community, Candidates Forced to Wait on Second Winner for City Council E-mail
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Tuesday, 05 March 2013 22:39

La Mirada~Wow, talk about suspense.

Two candidates will have to wait until tomorrow to see who captures the final seat for the La Mirada City Council.

There are 323 provisional ballots that still need to be counted. The will be counted tomorrow at City Hall around 3 p.m.

153 of them are vote-by-mail ballots that were dropped off at precincts instead of being mailed-they are still valid. The remaining are also still valid but were not originally counted because of technicalities, but again, are still legitimate.

Pauline Deal has easily captured first place with 1,693 votes so far.

The second and final spot is too close to call and is up for grabs with Steve Keithly receiving 1,300 votes to Andrew Sarega’s 1,291. Keithly, trailing Sarega most of the night, by less than 100 votes surged in the last few precincts announced to overcome Sarega.

A broken ballot-counting machine delayed the vote.

More coming.

La Mirada City Council Race 2013-Unofficial Results votes
Pauline Deal (Appt Inc)
Steve Keithly 1300
Andrew Sarega
Gabe Garcia (Inc)
Randy Gray 725


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