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Wednesday, 04 November 2009 07:03


Norwalk~Just like four years ago when John Johnson won a seat on the NLMUSD Board, simply because he put the word "teacher" under his profession, we may have a new school board member replacing Johnson, under the same circumstances.

Margarita Rios, unknown in the community, may win a seat on the board, simply because she used the words "police officer" under her profession. The fact of the matter is, she is a "police officer" for the dysfunctional Los Angeles Unified School District. A big difference, than being a real police officer.

I'm not saying she's not a great person or unqualified-I'm just saying, you now what I mean.

As usual, the few that do vote, are uninformed,and vote for "their own kind". People get giggly when they see the words "teacher" or "police officer"-both tax-payer funded jobs. Their judgement suddenly becomes clouded, and common-sense thinking takes a back seat..

Welcome to the world of American politics.





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