Crossover Special from the La Mirada Blog on Facebook: Growing Up in La Mirada E-mail
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Thursday, 18 March 2010 19:05

This story is a compilation of several forms of correspondence sent in over the years, by former La Mirada resident Russ Tice. Russ is one of the very early "fans" of the La Mirada Blog, even before Facebook. He grew up in La Mirada in the 50's and 60's.

An Apple Valley resident now, I grew up in La Mirada. I have wonderful memories of La Mirada. My parents bought a brand new home on San Cristobal Drive in 1955 for $15,000, across from a vacant field. That vacant field soon became Rancho Elementary School.

Neff Park was truly a kid's adventure paradise in the late 50's and early 60's. Chickens, forest like trees, the main house, and best of all, the caretaker's house. A sweet older lady lived there, and she would sit and tell stories to we kids about the place. Even better, Neff Park was right next to Rancho School, which was across the street from my house.

I don't recall we kids needing much in the early 60's. We all had a bicycle, and some other toys of the day. It's all there was, and that looks better to me every day. We did fairly well, even without any wireless communication devices. We all had one phone, usually in the kitchen of our home. The lucky kids had two phones in their house. All, of course, were still on party lines. Two or three homes were hooked into one phone line. That seems scary....

La Mirada Lamplighter Daughter on Radio Show E-mail
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Saturday, 20 February 2010 22:04

La Mirada~Morgan Hurley, daughter of the late Dick Hurley who was the La Mirada Lamplighter Editor for many years will guest on "The La Mirada Blog Radio Show" Monday, February 22nd at 7:00 p.m. on

The webcast will also be available on podcast after the live program.

The La Mirada Lamplighter-to this day-holds a very special place  in many peoples hearts. It ran from the late fifties until 1979 when it was forced out of business by Knight-Ridder Newspapers.

Morgan Hurley grew up with the paper and also served as a reporter for the paper. Dick Hurley and his wife, Gwenn, had a lot of influence in the shaping of La Mirada that continues today.


Crossover Special From the La Mirada Blog on Facebook: Signs From the Past E-mail
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Sunday, 24 January 2010 20:08

Who remembers this landmark sign along the 5 freeway near La Mirada? This sign and the Coppertone Girl sign were a big part of growing up in La Mirada.

Check out these two links that will give you a little history about the landmark restaurant.

Also, check out the La Mirada Blog on Facebook, for readers comments about this, and other famous La Mirada-related landmarks.





LM Blog Facebook Crossover Special! The Lyrics to the La Mirada Song from the La Mirada Drive-In? E-mail
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Thursday, 14 January 2010 21:00

Hello La Mirada Blog on Facebook fans, now over 1,800 strong!

This is the original La Mirada Blog, where you will find today's La Mirada news. I started this website back in 2003, way before Facebook, and was one of the first to provide any kind of  local news on the Internet.

FROM OUR FILES: Check out this reader/listener comment I received about six years ago about. Recently many of you have asked about the 'La Mirada Song' that used to be played at the La Mirada Drive-In. This may be it.


The words and music were written by Don Hecht and copyrighted in 1958 by Sage and Sage Music Publishers in Hollywood:

"Beyond the moon, beyond the sea, there is a place for you and me. It's really paradise to be in La Mirada,

And when the moonlight in the sky reflects the love light in your eyes, you'll know that love will never die in La Mirada,

And love will live in your heart forever more, A land of enchantment outside of your door, We'll kiss beneath the olive tree and then our happiness will be Forever in La Mirada. "


On the back of the sheet music, the late Dick Hurley, the Publisher/Editor of the La Mirada Lamplighter wrote: "La Mirada -The land of the once world famous McNally and Windermere Ranch, and the rancho of the country gentlemen and the ever graceful, evergreen olive, of the turn of the century."

La Mirada Lamplighter December 1st, 1965 E-mail
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Wednesday, 28 October 2009 15:49

For a more detailed version that you are able to read, check this photo out at the La Mirada Blog on Facebook.


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