Annual Independence Celebration at Regional Park E-mail
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La Mirada~The city’s annual Independence Celebration will be held July 3 from 4 to 9:30 p.m. at La Mirada Regional Park.

The celebration will include live music by 80's band "Neon Nation", and motown band "Stone Soul". A variety of tasty food will be on sale by La Mirada’s local service and athletic groups. The celebration will conclude with a patriotic program and exciting fireworks spectacular.

Be sure to keep the following guidelines in mind on the day of the event:

Parking: In addition to parking at La Mirada Regional Park, overflow parking is available at the La Mirada High School stadium lot, BIOLA University (entrance off of La Mirada Blvd.), and Civic Center Plaza. All red curb restrictions are being enforced. Patrons parking in red zones will be issued citations. Parking along Foster Road is allowed only after "No Parking" signs have been covered the day of the event by the City.

Healthy Mama Diaries: Freezing Foods Can Save Time and Money E-mail
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Friday, 12 June 2015 18:25

Amanda Denker and Baby Jet

Editors Note: This is the premiere edition of the new monthly column for the La Mirada Blog, "Healthy Mama Diaries" by Amanda Denker that will feature healthy cooking, fitness and lifestyle tips for busy Moms. You can follow Amanda on Instagram @healthymamadiaries and on Twitter @healthymamablog.

Hi La Mirada, welcome to my column, Healthy Mama Diaries. I’m a La Mirada native, wife, first time mama, traveler, social media enthusiast, essential oil wellness advocate, and I have God to thank for all of it; that’s me in a nutshell.

I am over-the-moon excited for the opportunity to write this column for you.  I would like to invite you to join me on my journey of living a healthy balanced lifestyle as I share my life and experiences with you.  I hope that after reading this column you feel empowered, encouraged, and inspired to make healthier choices for yourself and for your family.  So, let’s get started!

Fun Foods to Freeze

On any given day I can open up the freezer at my parent’s house and find a misplaced food item or two.  A chocolate pudding cup, a bag of Skittles, and a whole apple are just a few items that my dad has frozen out of curiosity, just to see if the frozen version is desirable or not.  The man loves to freeze things.  Unlike my dad and his curiosity, it was efficiency, and preparedness that spiked my love for freezing foods.  I learned that certain foods when frozen could save me time, money, and waste.

Here is a list of 25 foods that you may also enjoy freezing:

1)    Garlic-Having garlic on hand is a must, but chopping it every time you need it can be time consuming.  Freezing garlic is a huge time saver.  Finely chop or mince multiple cloves of garlic and add it to BPA Free ice-cube trays with a little bit of olive or grape seed oil and freeze.  When the garlic is frozen, pop the cubes out and store them in the appropriate size freezer bags.  Tip: I suggest mincing 4-5 heads of garlic at a time using a food processor. When doing this you can drizzle the oil directly into the food processor with the garlic and then add the mixture straight into the ice-cube trays.

2)    Fresh Herbs-Whether you buy them or grow them, once cut fresh herbs do not stay fresh for long.  Freezing them will allow you to preserve them longer.  Wash your herbs, allow them to dry, chop them, add them to BPA Free ice-cube trays with a little oil or water, and freeze them. Once they have frozen, pop them out of the trays and add them to the appropriate size freezer bags.

3)    Coffee-Pour your leftover coffee into ice-cube trays and freeze.  Use the frozen coffee cubes instead of regular ice in your iced-coffee.  Coffee cubes will not water down your iced-coffee.

4)    Avocados-Avocados can be expensive and they tend to overripe rapidly.  When you know your avocados are ready to eat but you are not ready to eat them, freeze them.  Frozen avocados can be used to make ice-cream, pudding, smoothies, and guacamole.  To freeze avocados cut them in half, take the pit out, and take the avocado out of the skin using a large spoon.  Freeze in an airtight freezer bag.  Tip: Save money by buying a bunch when they are on sale and freeze them for later.

5)    Butter-Buy butter on sale and freeze until you are ready to use it.

FROM THE EDITOR: New Healthy Lifetsyle Column Coming to the La Mirada Blog E-mail
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Tuesday, 26 May 2015 17:25

We are pleased to announce a new column is coming to the La Mirada Blog-Healthy Mama Diaries by Amanda Denker.

Amanda's column will feature healthy cooking, fitness and lifestyle tips for busy mamas who want the best for their family. Amanda says, "Life is good, it's better when you are healthy!"

Amanda is also a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and will offer information on essential oils from doTERRA.

She is a La Mirada native and still lives in La Mirada with professional baseball player Travis Denker. Needless to say because of hubby's profession they do a lot of moving around. La Mirada is home-base for the fam, but I have a feeling Amanda will be providing some Mama Road Tips.

She is a first-time mom to 18-month old son, Jet. She is also a part-time counselor at a residential treatment center, helping clients overcome eating disorders.

She enjoys spending all the rest of her time being a mom and lives and loves a healthy balanced lifestyle through healthy eating and exercise (I should take some hints from her).

For a sneak preview, check out her Instagram feed @healthymamadiaries.

Look for her first column to debut soon. Welcome to the team Amanda!

Scouts Rise Early to Decorate Olive Lawn Memorial Park E-mail
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Monday, 25 May 2015 09:00
Members of Boy Scout Troop 438 (Whittier/La Mirada) and Cub Scout Pack 919 (La Mirada) placed flags at Olive Lawn in preparation of the annual Memorial Day Observance Ceremony honoring our fallen military servicemen and women. See additional photo on Instagram @lamiradablog.

Free Tours at La Mirada's Historic Neff Estate E-mail
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Written by News Services   

La Mirada~Bring your family and take a trip back in time to learn about La Mirada’s historic Neff Estate at Neff Park. The Neff Estate covers 10 acres and is home to the Neff Mansion, George House and Neff Barn built in the 1800s.

Built in 1892, the Neff Mansion is a two-story, fully decorated mansion that contains many historical artifacts.

The free tours provide information on La Mirada history and are conducted by members of the La Mirada Historical Preservation Advisory Council. Tours are offered on the third Saturday of every month beginning April 18 from 2 to 4 p.m. Donations are welcome and benefit restoration efforts on the Neff Estate.

“We encourage all La Mirada residents and their families to take a tour of the Neff Estate,” says Community Services Director Lori Thompson. “It is a great way to spend quality family time and learn something about local history.”

The Neff Mansion is located at Neff Park at 14300 San Cristobal Drive in La Mirada. For more information on Neff Park tours, contact the La Mirada Community Services Department at (562) 943-7277.


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