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Wednesday, 29 June 2016 14:10

La Mirada Blog recommends to NOT bringing your dog to this event

La Mirada~A spectacular fireworks show will light up the skies over La Mirada on Sunday, July 3 as part of the city's annual Independence Celebration.

Festivities will take place at La Mirada Regional Park starting at 4 p.m. A variety of food will be offered for sale by local community service organizations.  Live music will be played throughout the evening by Eagles tribute band, “Heartache Tonight,” and 80s band “Betamaxx.”

“The Independence Celebration is a favorite event of the year for many,” says Community Services Director Lori Thompson.  “Bring the whole family to enjoy a fun-filled day as we celebrate our nation’s independence.”

The evening will conclude with a patriotic program and fireworks show.

As a reminder to those planning to attend, charcoal bbq's are not permitted at the park. To help prevent trip hazards, rope and caution tape around picnic areas should not be used.

For more information, call (562) 943-7277.

Editors note: The La Mirada Blog does not recommend taking your dogs to this event annually held on July 3rd. It is our belief large crowds and of course the large mortar fireworks in the evening are a recipe for disaster. Many disturbing incidents involving dogs have been witnessed at this event over the years.

Of course, it is not illegal to bring your dog to an open space park, but we strongly discourage it on this day. Over 10,000 people traditionally attend this event. Also, if you live near the park, on this day, make arrangements for babysitters for your pets or stay home with them yourself.

Then, the next day on the 4th, of course, the responsibility continues as La Mirada is STILL a city that allows the sale of safe-and-sane fireworks. The fireworks sales/stands are a fundraising opportunity for many local groups who say they just cannot do without the money-it being one of the largest fundraisers of the year.

Thus, the city becomes a war zone for the night with large sophisticated projectiles detonated by residents, mixing in with the families enjoying their legal fireworks.

Law enforcement is overwhelmed and of course cannot keep up with the dozens of calls and infractions. The deputy city manager doing a ride-along with officers just doesn't cut it. The economic effect is also troubling. The city has to pay an astronomical amount of money to pay for all the deputies and other personnel it has to deploy.

ALL fireworks should be banned in La Mirada, period, just like in other cities, who's non-profits and other organizations seem to get along just fine without selling fireworks.



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